F350 Flat Bed 

This flat bed was sand blasted to brand new condition then primered.

Spray Liner Maui then bedlined this work horse.

Done the Right Way... 

Long term restoration project by Owner.

Fresh paint,  Brillant new chrome from

nose to tail.

This gem is one of a kind on Maui.

Spray Liner Maui completed this project. 


Classic el Camino  

Truck Tool Box Done Right  by Spray Liner Maui



2017 lifted Tundra no overspray issues at this shop..

Done the Spray Liner Maui way... The Right Way !!!!



Truck owners who are tired of the plastic tailgate cap breaking off. We have the solution.  Cover the holes on top of the tailgate with sheetmetal, primer, then Spray Line the tailgate top rail.   Issued Solved !!!!